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ATM for digital currencies at the airport

2 min read The Amsterdam International Airport now has a cryptocurrency ATM that allows passengers to convert their euro into bitcoin and / or ethereum. The airport revealed that it was evaluating the demand of the two most important cryptocurrencies among passengers. It will be a six-month test; this initiative […]

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"Goldman Sachs does not have bitcoins"

3 min read The CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein, opined about cryptocurrencies. He started by saying that when cell phones came out, he dismissed them as a passing fad, and he was very wrong. "So now we have the cryptocurrency," he said. "And I always thought, I can not […]

El PowerShares QQQ, Un ETF Rastreador del Índice Nasdaq 100

5 min read El PowerShares QQQ es uno de los muchos CFDs disponibles en la plataforma IQ Option, pero créeme cuando te digo que es un activo muy especial. Sigue leyendo para descubrir por qué deberías operar con PowerShares QQQ y cómo hacerlo. Es un índice que se comercia como un […]

New York approves Square Cash to invest in crypto

1 min read The New York Department of Financial Services granted Square a virtual currency license, which allows users of the Cash application to exchange Bitcoin . Cash has 7 million monthly active users, the company said in its first quarter earnings statement. Bitcoin suddenly rose on Monday afternoon after […]

Central Banks: "Bitcoin will never replace the dollar"

2 min read The Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS), based in Switzerland, said the "intense interest" in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies led them to look "beyond exaggeration" and wondered to what extent they could really contribute to the economy. The authors of the report detailed a series of problems […]

5 Tips to Help You Break a Losing Streak

4 min read Let's face it: even the best traders suffer a losing streak from time to time. What distinguishes a skilled trader from a novice is how they handle the situation. So, what can you do to try to break a losing streak? Read on to find out. Do […]

Thomas Lee believes that Bitcoin will recover

2 min read According to Thomas Lee, head of research at Fundstrat, the recent decline in the price of Bitcoin is probably the result of the expiration of Bitcoin futures. Lee explained that the "heartbreaking" weakness "In Bitcoin, which fell more than 20% earlier this week, is the result of […]

Steve Bannon & The cryptocurrencies

2 min read After 10 months of being expelled from his position as President Trump's chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon is now betting that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can break the world order of The same way Trump did with US policy . Bannon has not revealed much about his […]

Top 5 of Popular Indicators and Ways to Use

6 min read All the indicators currently available to you on the IQ Option platform are there for a reason. All of them can help you determine the optimal entry and exit points, increasing your results when operating. However, some better and more popular than others. Here is a list […]

Has the price of bitcoin been manipulated?

2 min read According to the New York Times, an academic paper concluded that Bitcoin has been subject to price manipulation for the past year . The document, " Is Bitcoin really not subject? "Was written by John M. Griffin and Amin Shams, professor of finance at the University of […]