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IQ Option: Binary Options Tournaments – IQoption

Binary Options Tournaments – iqoption

Below are the old rules of IQ OPTION tournaments. They are not updated and kept only for SEO purposes at this moment. For the updated informations about IQ OPTION tournaments please visit:



To participate in the tournaments please click tournament tab in the menu at the top.

RULES as on 05/2017 (may be outdated now):

  1. Tournaments are a way of taking a small risk financially which could potentially yield a big reward.
  2. During some of our previous tournaments, the total prize fund has exceeded $100,000, with the winner receiving around $10,000. Normally, this rate of return is not possible by simply trading binary options. In order to win $10,000, you would need to be making trades which cost thousands of dollars a time, which means you are risking that money with every trade you make. Whereas with a binary options trading tournament, the buy in can be as little as $4.
  3. The tournaments last for 1 month, and entry costs vary from $4 up to $20.

Unlike some other tournaments, with IQ Option you can rebuy entry to the competition. This gives you the opportunity to remain in the competition and gives you repeated chances of placing highly in the tournament and winning big!
Initial conditions are equal in the tournament, in order to give everybody a fair start. The more entrants there are, the larger the prize fund available. For your initial entry fee, you will get a special tournament account with $10,000.
You can see how you are placing in the competition by checking our live, online leader board. It also lets you know how the competition are doing, and how much of the prize pool you are eligible to win.
The $10,000 you use to play during the tournament cannot be withdrawn. However, your prize money will be credited to your account in the form of real money which you can then withdraw and enjoy!
If you want to have more practice before entering one of our trading tournaments, then sign up for our free demo trading account. You do not need to deposit any money in order to trade options and get some practice in, and it is a great and safe way to learn binary options.
It looks the same as our binary options trading platform so you can get used to using it and making trades before entering a tournament and playing for real.
Risk assessment and understanding the risk in trading is a crucial part of binary options trading, and more information can be found on our risk management page.



Tournaments IQ Option are tournaments on turbo options, in which each participant is credited a $1,000 tournament fund, and all traders are competing with each other for set up┬átime. The winner is the one whose balance is the biggest at the end of the tournament. At the end of the tournament there is a summary table with the results of the participants – the prize fund is distributed to the first 9 places. The number of participants is limited.

How to participate in tournaments on IQ Option?

1. Sign up for an account on IQ Option. (If you still do not know how to trade binary options, see instructions).

2. In your personal cabinet, go to “Tournaments” in the left menu.

3. Choose the tournament type: paid or free. Paid tournaments are held with the following conditions: $5 Buy-In; Rebuys: $5; Guaranteed prize pool – $500. Free tournament entrys: $0; Rebuys: $5; Guaranteed prize pool: $250.
Tournament Duration – varies.

4. Prior to the tournament you can view the list of participants and prize money. In a paid tournament the prize fund may be increased if the amount collected from registration fees exceeds $ 500.

5. At the time of the tournament, every participant will be credited with a $1,000 tournament balance. You can only buy more if your tournament balance is less than $1,000.

6. For the 30 minute duration of the tournament, you should trade as much as possible in order to increase the amount of your balance. The number of transactions is not limited.

7. At the end of the tournament you’ll see the final table of results and the distribution of prize money among the participants, whomever took the first nine places.
Distribution of the prize fund in the paid tournament or the free tournament.

8. Prizes are instantly credited to your real account.

Tournament – this is a great opportunity to compete with other traders and win $80 without risking anything (or $160 in a paid event).

Please note that by trading financial instruments you are risking of loosing capital. It should be used by professional traders.

General Risk Warning: The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.

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