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"Bitcoin is historically traded at 2.5 of its cost"

2 min read Tom Lee reduces his prediction about the price of bitcoin by the end of the year, by approximately 20%. Tom Lee told the press that he sees the world's largest cryptocurrency by the end of the year at more than $ 20,000 per unit, 20% less than […]

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Iceland, Bitcoin & the Future

3 min read After they consumed almost as much energy as all the families in Iceland combined, the Bitcoin miners could return something to the community that hosted them. Iceland is looking for projects that need the same type of infrastructure trusted by Bitcoin miners, projects related to autonomous automobiles […]

The Best Positions of the Warren Buffett Portfolio

7 min read Have you ever wanted to invest like Warren Buffett? Take a closer look at the portfolio of the world's most popular investor to emulate your success. Known as the oracle of Omaha, Buffett knows clearly where he should put his funds. This is a list of the […]

Debate about Bitcoin: Voorhees vs. Schiff

2 min read It took place in the Soho Forum; The event featured Erik Voorhees, CEO of the ShapeShift exchange service, arguing that the government-backed money will eventually be replaced by bitcoin and blockchain innovations. The most famous digital currency in the world, he said, only needs a gradual adoption […]

Bitcoin will reach $ 50,000 by the end of the year

1 min read Despite the recent dramatic days for cryptocurrencies, Arthur Hayes said that the most famous digital currency will reach $ 50,000 by the end of the year. The price of Bitcoin has been on a wild roller coaster for the past few months, but "Something that can reach […]

El-Erian: "Bitcoin would be a good buy if it goes below $ 5,000"

2 min read The most famous cryptocurrency was trading around $ 5,850 today, which represents a drop of 70% from its peak reached at the end of 2017. El-Erian, Allianz's economic advisor, sees Bitcoin emerging as a negotiable commodity rather than a currency, although he believes that the blockchain, technology […]

That's why Small Profits are the Best Earnings

6 min read Composing, or rather not composing, is the reason why you do not get benefits. Composing is the process of reinvesting profits over time to improve total benefits, a term often used when talking about saving and investment accounts for retirement. It is rarely heard in the realm […]

Jonathan Wheeler wants to help Venezuela through Bitcoin

2 min read Former bank employee and now developer, he does not want to say too much about his new project. Although he believes that his effort could help people who live under one of the most oppressive monetary regimes in the world. You need others to help you with […]

Steve Wozniak: "Bitcoin continues to be incredible"

2 min read Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that the block chain is a bubble similar to that of the dot-com era. The difference is that the current one could have potential in the future, said yesterday. During the NEX technology conference in New York, Wozniak said that the dotcom […]

Wall Street Wolf: Bitcoin will die soon

2 min read Belfort said that the difficulties around the price of Bitcoin in 2018 are the beginning of the end of the most famous cryptocurrency. He advised "Hodlers" to sell now before the final impact. Despite his negative attitude of BTC, Belfort declared that Blockchain, the technology behind BTC […]