What will be the future of cryptocurrencies?

3 min read Venezuelan President Nicol├ís Maduro announced on Friday a series of economic reforms in another attempt to shore up the country's economy. According to Maduro, his Economic Recovery Program will stop the hyperinflation Venezuela has been suffering for some time. These are some of the economic changes that […]

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3 myths about trading that could affect your results

5 min read The trading world is full of misconceptions. Believing in these assumptions without understanding the truth can hinder your chances of trading success. Let's look at three of the most common myths in trading, including where they come from, why they are not true, and how believing in […]

What is a Trading Diary and Why Do You Need to Own One?

6 min read To be a successful trader with a defined goal, it is mandatory to have a journal. If you want to become a professional investor you will have to measure your performance, analyze your trading strategies and adjust your behavior. And it is at this point that an […]

Former CEO of PayPal: "Bitcoin is ridiculous as a store of value"

2 min read Bitcoin will continue to fall, "simply because it has no value", PayPal's former CEO Bill Harris told the press yesterday. The financial technology CEO's main concerns about Bitcoin are: slow transaction time, scale challenges and volatility. "The bitcoin cult [hace] many affirmations: that is instantaneous, free, scalable, […]

Saudi Arabia "The cryptocurrency trade is illegal"

1 min read Regulators from Saudi Arabia issued a statement clarifying that the cryptocurrency trade is illegal within the realm. According to an official document issued yesterday, the committee warned against the trade of digital currencies due to "Negative consequences and high risks for traders, since they are outside of […]

A $ 24 million scam in bitcoin

1 min read The Thai authorities detained actor Jiratpisit "Boom" Jaravijit in an alleged $ 24 million cryptocurrency scam. Jiratpisit is one of seven suspects. On July 26, the Criminal Court granted an arrest warrant following a complaint by a Finn who fraudulently deceived him into investing 797 million baht […]

The price of bitcoin falls

2 min read The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed its decision on whether to approve a listed investment fund (ETF) of bitcoins proposed by VanEck and SolidX. All the cryptocurrency markets fell as a result. Bitcoin was down 5%, trading at just under $ 6,300. Its value had dropped […]

5 mistakes you probably make when you operate

7 min read We all make mistakes in trading, especially when we just start and learn many new things. Yes, even the most emblematic traders make mistakes. But why make mistakes that can be easily avoided? We have compiled a list of the 5 most common sins in trading. Read […]

Fundamental vs Technical. Which to choose?

10 min read Many traders believe either in the technical analysis or in the fundamental one. The supporters of the first ensure that the market is a perfect validating machine and that all the factors (which can affect the price of an asset and are widely known) are reflected by […]

What to expect from the Q2 report of Dropbox earnings?

3 min read Dropbox is about to publish its quarterly earnings report after the closing bell on Thursday. Since this will be the second report of Dropbox's earnings since the company made its successful initial public offering (IPO), analysts are closely watching the results of the cloud storage giant. To […]